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Welcome to Niagara Sailing Club

Founded in 1934, the Niagara Sailing Club educates and promotes the sport of sailing.

Sadly, on Saturday, March 20th 2021, fire devastated our clubhouse located on East River Rd. and is deemed a total loss. The clubhouse was not just a building for our members but held memories of our founding families and the work they had done. For generations, the NSC's clubhouse and property has hosted thousands of social gatherings, community events & meetings, fundraising dinners, and junior sailing camps.  NSC's clubhouse was the heart of our club and from the outpouring we are experiencing, remains a big part of so many lives.

We are committed to rebuilding and dedicated to continuing our junior sailing classes, club events, and racing program, but have lost a great deal in the fire. We are fortunate to have insurance, but there will be a large financial gap for us to fill going forward.

We humbly ask for your consideration in a donation of any size to help our club rise from the ashes and build a clubhouse for future generations to come.


If you would like to support the club please visit our give gofundme page to make a donation (not the Make a Payment box below). Here is the link:


For those of you who are wondering why we added the gofundme page, we got feedback that there were concerns because Give Butter was not as well known as gofundme and that people would be much more likely to donate to gofundme as opposed to Give Butter. Be assured that any donations that are going to the Give Butter site are going to the NSC rebuild account. 

Thank you for all of you support and generosity! We are grateful beyond words!





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Niagara Sailing Club

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